Location based marketing with iBeacons

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It's about rapid development

Content delivery, bluetooth stack, web services are things you should not worry about. Pathplug allows you to focus on user experience. It even gives you pre-defined interactions for most common cases.

Native SDKs

To deliver best performance, we supply native SDKs for iOS and Android platforms. Just plug them in and integration takes 3 lines of code.

Easy to Customise

Our homegrown interactions are fully customisable from web panel to allow reusability and rapid reployment.

Fully Documented

Our SDK is fully documented with example projects available on github

Web Panel for All Your Needs

Add beacons, interactions, keep track of your deployment status. Get analytics for each beacon and generate heat maps if that's what you need. We' adding new interactions and reports each month.

What PathPlug Offers

We're working around the clock to extend this list. Join and give us feedback on features that you need.

We defined interactions so you don't have to

Beacon devices offer best user experience with a good story. We analysed common patterns in beacon powered apps and turned them into ready-to-go interactions. Want to use beacons as virtual tags? No problem! Want to generate heat-maps to better understand your business? We can do that. You can also put up virtual signs to help people with visual impairment. It's not only about marketing or analytics, it's about making everyone experience a location differently.

You can use devices from different manufacturers, all working in harmony.

Beacon hardware is evolving and new devices emerge every 6 months. Using PathPlug allows you to be free of any manufacturer specific implementations and free you to choose which device fits your needs. As in life, there are no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead of hardware, focus on realising a magnificent user experience for your scenario.

Don't worry about battery power or bandwidth, we've taken care of it all

Our developers optimised for each platform independently to deliver you the lightest and most efficient SDKs. We packed them so all you need to do is enter your access keys, and you're good to go!

We're helping you to deploy a killer application with beacons

Every bit of PathPlug SDKs are documented for you.

Amazingly Simple Use

Our SDKs only need your access key to get going. You can tweak everything later if you want to.

Code Samples

We're dedicated to maintain a github repository with sample application that leverages each and every feature of PathPlug.

You can take it where no one has gone before.

PathPlug does not restrict you to its interactions. We give you every bit of information about beacons and on the fly status updates; so you can build whatever you want without worrying about bluetooth stack. Come on, surprise us!

It's Free! (for now)

We're in Beta and we'll keep it free until you and we agree that PathPlug is the best way to deploy a beacon powered application

Request a Code!

No credit card required. It's totally free.

We Won a Cup!

PathPlug had 1st place in Turkcell Gelecegi Yazanlar Coding Marathon

Out of 65 teams, 40 projects and 16 finalists; PathPlug emerged as "Best Mobile Application" and won 1st place. It's getting a buzz in Istanbul and ready to take over the world!


Meet the Team

We area a small team of full stack developers from Istanbul. Between us we can code and deploy anything.

Berk Taner

Co-Founder, iOS Developer and Devops guy with experience in most things. After working in a corporate environment for three years he now gets to do what he always wanted - build and ship as fast as he can

Doruk Molo

Director of Growth, Android Developer and Chief Money Guy. Professional illusionist, he can create things out of thin air. He can plan, code, ship and write you a project bid simultaneously.

Download Demo App

We published a demo app that can hook to your account. Try me, try me!

Play with Interactions

You can find all four interactions in our demo app. Don't forget to turn your bluetooth on!

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Virtual Tags

Most common implementation of virtual tags for retails, bookstores and museums.

Smart Notes

Share time constrained information on a specific location.Conferences, coupon codes or treasure hunts.

Audio Signs

Not everyone has perfect sight, but they can still have a wonderful experience with audio guidance.

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